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My name is Sanje Sedera. I’m proud to call Nevada my home and I would be prouder still to represent you in the Nevada State Assembly. These are my top legislative priorities.

Promote Economic Development

When we talk about the best states for business, Nevada barely ranks in the top 30 according to Forbes.

This has to change.

Nevada needs support policies that will create jobs, help small businesses, and get our state budget under control. This won’t come from destroying collective bargaining rights, but it won’t come from excessive regulation either.

As a small business owner, I believe I can bring the voices of those businesses in Nevada who want to prosper without being punished to the legislature.

If you have thoughts on how to increase job growth and promote economic development, please, get involved with this campaign and let’s get to work together.

Improve Our Educational System

A healthy climate for business is directly tied to an educated work force, and unfortunately Nevada ranks last in the country when it comes to high school graduation rates at 62%.

As a parent, it deeply concerns me that our educational system is failing more than one in four children in our state. And, for me, this suggests a crisis that needs immediate action.

We need to support our brightest minds and give our kids an incentive to stay in our state. That comes from good jobs and a great education. It’s time the legislature had another voice in it fighting for both.

If you have thoughts on how to improve our educational system please, get involved with this campaign and let’s improve Nevada schools together.

Fixing the foreclosure crisis

With my years in both real estate and with the Southern Nevada Housing authority, I believe I bring a voice to this discussion that speaks from first-hand experience.

Our Attorney General has done a lot of great work fighting for the rights of Nevada homeowners who were unfairly targeted. Likewise I believe she’s fought just as hard for those homeowners who paid their bills and did everything they were asked to do by the banks.

Programs like Home Again Nevada are a great start. But we have to get the word out to Nevada homeowners that there are resources to help them, we have to fight for those still being punished by lenders, and we have to find ways bring property values back to where they belong.

I believe the legislature can play a vital role in that, and I believe my experience can help on behalf of those hit the hardest.

These three issues are my top priorities, but they are not the only issues confronting the state and I won’t be running alone.

Whether you have been hit by the foreclosure crisis, want to improve our schools and our economy or have other ideas about what Nevada needs, I want to hear your voice.

Tell me the issues that matter most to you and what you think the legislature needs to hear. That is the best way I know to truly represent you in Carson City. 

You can reach me at 702-461-8655 or send an email to to let me know your concerns.